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 Welcome to the 
Exposure Therapy movement!

Fighting for body equality and opposing censorship of the female-presenting body
in 40 countries and counting...


The nipple is a clear illustration of inequality faced by those who possess female-presenting bodies, and those misidentified by societies and algorithms that perpetuate the gender binary.


All bodies have nipples, but only the "female" nipple is shamed and censored.

Fueled by fear, stigma, and misinformation, we are taught that the female-presenting body is provocative, disorderly, and obscene. This mischaracterization results in a world that is unsafe and unequal; a world that sexualizes our bodies regardless of our intent or consent. Exposure Therapy exposes this false narrative and invites all to join the fight to normalize the nipple, and thereby create a safer and more equal world for our bodies to exist in.


We are a resistance movement using nipple stickers to educate our communities about the 'nipocrisy' of gender-based censorship.


Using Instagram & accessible tools of resistance, the Exposure Therapy project seeks to engage all those who want to see a more equal and less sexist world.

Movement members use the nipple sticker to provoke conversation and build our community.


Request your stickers here!


The Exposure Therapy nipple stickers are created from the “Contrib’ A Nip” campaign which accepts contributions from around the world. 

Thanks to these kick-ass feminists, the Exposure Therapy project has grown to represent the variety of real (and beautiful!) bodies in our world, and expose the hypocrisy of censoring the female-presenting body. 

*because women’s bodies, and the bodies of those who present as female/femme are routinely discriminated against through censorship, the Exposure Therapy project exclusively uses the nipples of women and those presenting as female/femme -- giving them a way to oppose the rampant censorship of their bodies based purely on their percieved gender. 


The Exposure Therapy project is for YOU. 


It's not only about Instagram, our legal system, or even the body shamers.

This project is meant to empower YOU to know that your body is beautiful and important and to fight for its equality.

Your voice is important and our voices together are powerful. When we are empowered, the patriarchy won't be.  

*As far as who runs the Exposure Therapy project, that would be Emma Shapiro. Emma is an artist, activist, and writer. She writes for various art journals about online art censorship and Free The Nipple, and she is the Editor-At-Large of the Don't Delete Art campaign. You can learn more about Emma here, and the Don't Delete Art campaign here

Her passion is fighting against art censorship and sexism.


This project uses Instagram as a method of reaching and exposing new audiences to the movement, but also receives regular censorship via this medium. (the original account @NIPEOPLE was disabled twice by Instagram in 2021, so @nipocrisy_ was created as a backup)

Follow us here to add volume to our voice and see where in the world Exposure Therapy has reached! But the MOST important thing is to use your stickers in your hometown/travels and start the conversation in real life <3 

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Welcome to the movement!

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